The life of a sherbet fountain

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The life of a sherbet fountain

July 30, 2018 by Rob Dinsdale

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Throughout apart of almost 100 years the Sherbet Fountain has been a favourite for us all so we thought we would put together a little history check for you to have a read of, maybe a few things you might not have known about your old school fav

In 1925 the first Sherbet Fountain went on sale, it was originally a concept of Henry Edward Brunt, It was sold and repackaged to Barratts who is a subsidiary of Tangerine Company.

The original Sherbet Fountain was packed in a paper roll filled with sweet tangy sherbet that was accompanied with a hollow stick of liquorice, the idea was you would bite the top off the stick of liquorice and suck through the sherbet, using the liquorice as a straw

it wasn’t till 2009 that they decided to convert to plastic and cover the famous stick of liquorice with a plastic cap and replace the hollow stick of liquorice with a solid stick so it turned into more of a sherbet dip.

It was quite a controversial move by Barratts as a lot of people remember growing up a licking the stuck sherbet of the side of the paper tube and the famous liquorice stick poking out the top, fast forward to the present day and we still have people disappointed that they have converted to plastic all being said this still doesn’t stop us buying a loving sherbet fountains as they are still as popular as ever and a sweet that’s getting passed down through generations and will forever have spot on our shelves

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