In the unlikely event which you are not 100% satisfied with your sweeties and chocolate or if they are not as per the product description, the incorrect product has been dispatched
please get in touch with us at as we can discuss with you some options to arrange your 100% satisfaction with our products and services

please note we do not do returns on melted chocolate as we can never 100% guarantee it, We can only recommend our ‘’ice packs’’ as we have had great success with these and our insulated packaging.

We will always recommend our ice packs over the summer months if we are shipping interstate (out of W.A) or the Northern parts of W.A and we think the temperatures are too high we will get in contact with in regards to holding your order until we think a suitable temperature arises

We cannot accept returns of opened or partially consumed items.

Please email us on  within 48 hours of receiving the goods if you intend to make a return, giving as much information as possible to assist us in giving you a speedy service.

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The British Sweet Shop


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