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About us

The British Sweet Shop is the beginning of a forgotten experience returning to its former glory, every time you visit our store or website we hope you have an experience you will remember enjoy and pass on to friends and family

If that may be sweets from home or a sweet from your childhood or even just your favourite snack.

We are Australia’s leading British sweet shop based in Perth WA. 

With the widest range of British Sweets, Chocolates, Crisps and Soft Drinks we have something for every occasion.

We pride ourselves on being a family run business that goes to any lengths to keep our customers coming back. We excel in customer service and we base our brand around love and a little bit of fun just like the first time you put a sweet in your mouth.  

We are in an age where long loved trends are dying and new technologies are taking over, The British Sweet shop is leading the way in combining these experience in a way that we can keep up with trends and fazes but still keeping what is true about a sweet shop and that it is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime  

With love and a little bit of fun

The Team at The British Sweet Shop  

Our Philosophy

“We want to be the beginning of an experience that will last a life time”


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